No Chillers vs Team Panas | 8v8 Beatbox League | Season 4 FINAL

Discord beatbox server:
Welcome to the Discord Beatbox 8v8 seasonal final battle. In this final it will be NO CHILLERS VS TEAM PANAS, 2 teams that have clashed before. Both teams have some big names so these battles will be insane, make sure to stick around and join the Discord Beatbox server for their weekly seasonal battles!
Today were hosting a huge 8v8 battle with the teams being:
(C) Remix (C) RoRo
Big Squid Mike
Pono Inferno
Den Xiphire
Gts Raul
Vocodah Isac
Sky Cdenio
Antilt Angeluz
—————– —————–
Sonus Padab
Frosty Nourish
Stitch Waali
The host of this season final:
And the fantastic judges of all these battles are:
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