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Today we’re going to talk about Spacetime Battle with all the participants and Pepouni & Sinjo! This is a new battle concept you gonna like!
Welcome to the Spacetime Legends Fantasy Battle connecting legends across space and time. Born in the recesses of creation, inside the mind of the one that does not exist, this series of conceptualised madness explores the possibilities of battles between legends of beatbox from across the multi-verse. Six beatbox pioneers Vocodah, NaPoM, Alexinho, Gene Shinozaki, Reeps One & Skiller have been chosen from the multitude of innovators that prevail across the many timelines, to create five one-minute rounds of beatbox cacophony designed for each of the other five artists. Each round is created blind, with no knowledge of their opponents conception, to spawn a fantasy battle of pure unadulterated ingenuity and raw freedom of expression. There are no judges. There are no responses. There are no limits!
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Production by SBX Team
Visuals by Trung Bao IG: @tbaocreate
Color by Adrià Olea IG: @adriaolea
In case of any questions please contact our Support Leader Member Julianna @julianna_swissbeatbox or [email protected]
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